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About Matthew - Mama's Journal

This is Mama's Journal to keep you up to date on what's UP with Matthew.

April 10:
    Papa took Matthew and Joe to the Missions Basebal game (Minor league baseball) One of the players gave Matthew a baseball - he was very excited!

 April 4:
    Matthew's teeth do not seem to be bothering him and they are healing well. He was quietly playing in the bedroom  - too quiet - and I went to check on him. He hid behind the door when I came in . He had a black magic marker and had drawn all over his face and body - On his face he had blackened his nose and had whiskers drawn on his cheeks, every where else he had drawn dots and lines. he said he was a cat. (?) It won't wash off!! He'll have to go to Mass tomorrow with whiskers!! ;)

April 3:
    Out-patient surgery at 7:00 am. Matthew is angry and refused to cooperate. Anesthesiologist tried to give him a "kiddy cocktail" (sedative), but Matthew refused. I told him we would strap him down and put it down his nose with a dropper if he did not drink it. (They would have!) Matthew got up and went to the nurse and drank the sedative - did not get too drowsy - more like a rowdy drunk, Papa had to carry him to OR and hold him down until they got the mask on - he was out  immediately after that.
 Took about an hour, Br Bob removed 8 baby teeth. Matthew was angry when he woke up in Recovery, We were home by 10:30 am and Matthew was fine by mid afternoon - wanted to eat pretzels!

April 2:
    Dr. Blooms nurse called and said Matthew would stay on Zestril, but dosage was increased to 5 mg. Will check progress in one month.
March 31:
    Dr. Bob took xray of tooth that was hurting. There is a sliver of a baby tooth caught between one tooth and a crown on another baby tooth. Dr. Bob wants to do oral surgery asap to remove the sliver - concerned of infection and would be dangerous with Matthew's heart. He will also pull other baby teeth, do x-rays and clean Matthew's teeth during the surgery. Surgery scheduled for Friday April 3rd.

March 30:
    Matthew went to school and came home very excited talking about the Easter Bunny and coloring Easter Eggs - the first time has ever been excited about Easter! Told me his tooth hurt. called. Dentist, Dr. Bob, made appointment for tomorrow.
March 27:
    Dr. Blooms nurse, Cherie called. Said they wanted to try a different vasodilator for 10 days since Vasotek is not covered by insurance. Started Zestril 2.5 mg for 10 days. School nurse checks his BP 3x's a week and calls it in to Dr. Bloom.

March 26:
    Dr. Fitch's nurse called, said Matthew's lab work returned. RA profile fine, but thyroid level is too high, made arrangements to see an endocrinologist.
March 23:
    Matthew went back to school and seems ok. He is upset because Rachel, the bus Assistant has been transfered to a different bus, they needed some one who could operate the wheelchair lift.

March 17:
    Papa took him Matthew to see Dr. Fitch. Dr. Fitch prescribed Zithromax for throat infection and ordered lab work - thyroid and RA profile. Matthew would not tolerate having blood drawn, so we had to take him to the hospital to have it done. They put Matthew on a Papoose board and were able to get what was needed Poor Matthew!

March 16:
    Spring Break this week. His leg is fine but is running a low-grade fever off and off and complains of a sore throat Tylenol helps, Matthew does not slow down once today, busy and chatters all day, fell asleep early.

March 15:
    Matthew seems very tired today. Was a bad boy at Mass. Afternoon he is limping, favoring his right leg. Says his knee hurts - cannot see or feel any bruises or marks, but looks like some inflammation. ?

March 13:
    Matthew's fever broke during the night, but keeping him home today anyway. Mid morning he vomited and was very upset. Calmed him down and he slept for an hour. Definitely sick! Temp normal. Later temp was up again, gave him tylenol and was fine in about an hour, ate well.

March 12:
    Matthew is very tired. Had a "bad dog" day at school, wet his pants accidentally. No one but his teacher and school nurse knew - but he was crying at diner time saying he did not want to go to school. I held him and he was very hot. Had a temp of 100.9*.

March 8:
     Mama brought home a new Puppy. We named him Buster. I went by SAS where I used to work. The main factory, R&D building I worked in and the Factory Outlet store had burned to the ground the day before. It was like a funeral procession - all the cars and people driving by to see what had happened. 400+ people will be out of work. Glad I don't work there anymore - but feel sad for the people who do. They will rebuild.

March 1:
    Mama is sick.

February 25, 1998:
    Matthew saw his cardiologist today. His heart condition is back at "baseline" - where it was before he became ill. He is back to his old self, very active and full of mischief! .

February 22, 1998:
    Matthew's "bad dog" Tony disappeared from the backyard on the 20th.  He had been hit and killed by a car.
On Monday the Humane Society called and told us the people who had hit Tony called and told them what happened and they had moved his body out of the road. I am sure it could not have been avoided yet I am thankful for people who are so thoughtful and kind. We have been back to the Humane Society and the City Pound looking at puppies and dogs, but Matthew only wants "Tony". Matthew is very sad and angry.

February 10, 1998:
    Matthew returned to school! He is very happy and his teachers and classmates were happy to have him back. he is still a little out of sorts, but is doing very well.

January 29, 1998:
    Matthew came home from the hospital!!

January 19, 1998:
    Matthew is very sick. We took him to see his pediatrician and he sent us directly to the Hospital. Matthew was admitted to Pediatric Intensive Care with pneumonia and congestive heart failure. (See Sick and in the Hospital)


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