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About Matthew - What Balloons are For

Matthew calls this his "up-up-away" page Matthew is the only child I know that does not keep balloons. As soon as he gets one he immediately rushes outside to let it go. As he watches it fly away his entire body is tensed in excitement and his face beams with pure joy. I couldn't figure this out but every opportunity I have I get Matthew a balloon to let go. A few years ago, as we watched storm clouds moving in from the south one evening, Matthew told me this story using signs, speech and lots of gestures.

Balloons are not to be kept,
They will die because they want to fly!
Let them go!
They fly up and up!
At night when you look in the sky,
You see the balloons,
They are stars now!
When it rains, the thunder you hear,
Are angels having a party and popping the balloons!
The balloons fall down and make rain.
And trees grow.

- by Matthew Kelly Jr., © September, 1993.

BTW, Matthew calls Dr. Bloom, his cardiologist, "Dr. Balloon" in sign language.

GodMother's What Balloons are for

A very special gift from Elanora - The Godmother
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Laughbreak's Balloon trip

A gift from Matthew's friend Jason at Laffbreak,

Animated teddy bear with Balloons from Taffy
A gift from Taffy
Click on image to visit Taffy's Fibromyalgia Story.

Keeping UP With Matthew!!

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